List Of Services

Audit & Assurance Services

Our audit and assurance services includes;
 Project and Public Sector Audits
 Statutory Audits
 Special Purpose Audits
 Special Reviews and Investigations.

Taxation Services

Our taxation services includes;
 Corporate tax Compliance review
 Indirect and Direct tax Specific trainings
 VAT Refund Audits
 Tax Health Checks

Consulting & Deal Services

Our Consulting and deal services includes;
 Preparation of Business Plan
 Grant Proposal Writing
 Mergers and acquisitions
 Strategic and valuation advice
 Financial due diligence

Accounting Services

Our accounting services includes
 Financial accounting
 Cost accounting
 Budgeting and forecasting
 Financial reporting
 Cost control procedures
 Inventory control

Human Resource Services

Our Human resource services includes;

 Recruitments
 Payroll management and
 Job Analysis, evaluation and grading and
 Organization structure design and review

Internal Audit Services

Our internal audit services includes
 Internal audit reviews
 Assessment of Internal control system
 Risk assessment
 Fraud detection
 Performance evaluation
 Governance review
 Legal and Statutory Compliance review
 Cost rationalization