Taxation Services

Our Services include:-

 Corporate tax Compliance review
 Indirect and Direct tax Specific trainings
 VAT Refund Audits
 Tax Health Checks

ABS Consultants is one of the tax consultants Tanzania who are technically competent taxation consulting firm that offer comprehensive tax planning and taxation advisory to corporate and other clients with aim to enable them consolidate their tax liabilities while being equal to the task of living up to the values of corporate citizenship, governance and shareholder value creation. The firm offers best in class taxation consultancy services to clients and has a proven competence in offering tax advisory to client firms from the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) vertical.

ABS Consultants as one of the tax consultants Tanzania has tax experts who previously worked with big four firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers-PWC and Deloitte & Touches). We work with client corporations of different scopes, sizes and scales to offer end to end corporate tax planning and tax management to navigate through challenges of tax returns while looking for efficient measures to consolidate tax incidence and tax burdens within the scope of the business regulatory framework created by the government of Tanzania. To this extent we work with micro, small and medium enterprises, government institutions and multinational corporations to  reduce the burden on time utilized on submission of tax returns, implementation of standard operating procedures for tax documentation and tax reporting for compliance with statutory and legal agencies for enhanced tax submission and reporting clarity.

Over the years, our tax consultants Tanzania have worked with some of the biggest brands and diversified conglomerates to enable them manage the complexities of taxation planning, tax funding, tax burden assessment, tax submission and tax reporting. We offer top level business executives a clear blue print of the tax obligations that their respective companies face and thus offer insights to their accounts department hassle free tax management for enhanced goodwill and reputation management. In doing so we also enable our clients to understand the business regulatory framework and the implications of laws, rules, regulations and statutes on nominal and effective tax incidence on the client company. Based on our observations we offer advisory for precise tax fund creation and maintenance for hassle free submission of returns and proactive reminders well in advance of the actual deadline of tax submissions.

Our tax planning and consulting services are offered by a team of best in industry team of people who bring to the table years of experience and expertise in effective and efficient corporate tax management for enhanced shareholder value through proactive compliance on tax obligations and optimum allocation of financial resources for tax throughout the financial year. They enable client organizations to effectively deal with obligations of direct and indirect tax planning. Our people possess a time tested and proven portfolio of competencies in handling indirect taxes that affect corporate enterprises through inventory management, working capital challenges, materials management, cash and fund flow, etc. To this extent they offer services of trade facilitation, tax litigation and representation of tax disputes before appellate bodies.

We would love to explore ways to serve the taxation requirement of your business enterprise. Engage with us to help us serve your taxation planning and advisory requirements while embracing the principles of transparency, equity and accountability for supreme corporate governance.