Accounting Services

Our Services include:-

 Financial accounting
 Cost accounting
 Budgeting and forecasting
 Financial reporting
 Cost control procedures
 Inventory control

ABS Consultants is also one of the financial consultants Tanzania that provides high quality accounting services which are reliable, accurate and fully customized accounting services to clients from across business verticals. The firm also offers affordable accounting to entities in Tanzania to streamline their accounting processes with clinical efficiency and surgical precision at the most affordable prices while ensuring customization of services.

ABS Consultants being top financial consultants Tanzania has worked with industry leading companies from different verticals in Tanzania and has proven its competencies in accounting services.It offers completely transparent and ethical accounting services that respect the law of the country while creating opportunities for client firms to reduce the burden of non-compliance with tax laws. Over the years the firm has carved out a niche for itself in the space of accounting services in the country while working with top notch multinational corporations, government organizations, Non-Government Organizations and SMEs while offering customizable modules of services. To this extent the firm works with companies of different scales to consolidate their accounting procedures while enabling them to abide by the protocol mandated by the business regulatory framework of Tanzania.

ABS Consultants as financial consultants Tanzania maintains and invests in a pool of the right mix of talented individuals, technology and tools to streamline the accounting procedures of companies while consolidating the issues of corporate governance and top leadership concerns in financial reporting, preparation of account books and social reporting. The firm has a wealth of experience and expertise to tap into, that stems from years of managing not just accounting services but customer expectations. To this extent, we are proud to have at our command a team of dedicated and highly competent professionals who work for our clients with the highest integrity and accountability. While there are many accounting firms in Tanzania, the addition of a drop of water in the sea calls for an explanation.

ABS Consultants has carved out key service differentiators by means of on time delivery, affordability and quality of services. We have built a reputation of being of the highest standards in terms of accuracy, transparency and accountability in offering our services with real time reports to clients on the work in progress and updates on the latest happenings on their projects. Our clients always stay informed and well abreast of the status of their accounting project through real time insights on work, any changes mandated to keep up with international and local accounting standards and other updates as announced by government bodies and statutory regulators. This enables us to not only create value through our work but also by means of reporting of work to clients. At each stage of the accounting project our clients stay connected and thus are always in the loop with certainly no hidden costs and quality barriers. We would love to hear from you in this regard and assist your business enterprise with accounting services.