Consulting & Deal Services

Our Services include:-

 Preparation of Business Plan
 Grant Proposal Writing
 Mergers and acquisitions
 Strategic and valuation advice
 Financial due diligence

ABS Consultants offers best in class consulting and deal services to companies and business enterprises in Tanzania. ABS Consultants is a complete financial and strategy based consulting firm  that offers business research and business intelligence based customized reports and research study based inputs for strategic and tactical decision making for client companies. To this extent the firm leverages its competencies in auditing, taxation and compliance domains to offer corporate advisory for strategic planning, business research and study for the scope of mergers and acquisitions, reverse mergers, concentric and conglomerate diversifications, corporate restructuring exercises, strategic alternative processes, liquidation and sale of fixed assets and equity stake. We also work with government entities in Tanzania to formulate and execute the strategic blueprint for disinvestment and privatization of loss making public sector units.

ABS Consultants extends its proven competencies in accounting, regulatory and compliance domains in the banking, financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) vertical to offer highly reliable inputs and advisory based on high precision business research for both corporate and public sector clientele to execute their strategic management process with surgical precision and proven efficiency for the completion of mandatory and voluntary obligations to shareholders. We ensure the creation of value and achievement of financial goals of shareholder value maximization by means of leveraging of synergistic effects, cost rationalization and rightsizing of organizations to offer them a streamlined corporate structure with the right portfolio of SBUs, brands and teams of people to be in business in the most profitable way possible.

Over the years we have gained the reputation of being an able partner in the co-creation of value by executing plans, tactics and strategies for maximization of shareholder value and enhanced market capitalization by offering advisory and consulting for deals associated with horizontal and vertical mergers, acquisition bids and completion of acquisitions, diversification of business into related areas with strong linkage effects resulting in forward and backward integration, consulting for diversification into unrelated business areas with risk mitigation strategies for new product development, new market development and entry strategies through routes of Greenfield and  Brownfield investment projects.

To this extent we also conduct research studies and offer consulting based on the same to corporations that are scanning the global environment for foreign institutional and direct investments (FI and FDI) respectively. Further our consulting and deal services also include the conducting of feasibility and viability studies for mechanization and business process automation through the deployment of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud infrastructure and machine learning. We offer methods with proven technical and economic efficiencies for the implementation of scalable cost rationalization programs while ensuring engagement and utilization of resources to the fullest for increasing returns on investment for business projects.

To this extent, ABS Consultants has the best in class team of people with a wealth of experience and expertise to streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of our client firms in business. We have worked with the best in industry to finish deals and execute corporate strategic level exercises to fruition with the achievement of desired results. We would love to hear from you and understand your requirements in executing deals from start to finish.