Internal Audit

Our Services include:-

 Internal audit reviews
 Assessment of Internal control system
 Risk assessment
 Fraud detection
 Performance evaluation
 Governance review
 Legal and Statutory Compliance review
 Cost rationalization

ABS Consultants is one of the best internal audit services provider that has a mix of talents to conduct internal audits of client organizations in Tanzania. To this extent we offer best in class internal audit services to clients of micro, small and medium enterprises sector (MSME), government institutions, non-government organizations and multinational companies of diverse business verticals like real estate, manufacturing, trading, retail, information technology and software, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) verticals.

Our internal audit services enable enterprises to identify objectively the areas for cost rationalization over the short, intermediate and long terms for efficient and effective cost consolidation while achieving the corporate objectives of targeted revenues and net profit margins. We work in sync with the client firms to conduct detailed and accurate assessments of operation, financial and strategic factors for cost cutting control while enabling the achievement of key performance indicators with reduced capital blockage and fluid allocation of resources among departments and strategic business units. In doing so, we offer end to end solutions for financial, legal and statutory compliance as mandated by the Government of Tanzania. Our core competence lies in our capability to deal with large scale projects of diversified business conglomerates that need precision and clinical efficiency in managing the financial, operational and strategic controls of multiple strategic business units while aligning them to the broader framework of corporate objectives determined at the board level.

Our internal audit services are rendered by a team of competent professionals who have the experience of working with industry leading firms of different verticals on multiple projects of internal audit while addressing the most complex issues of legislative, political, technological, organizational and financial factors. By navigating through the matrix of these factors, our people offer the best possible insights for higher organizational control; performance based budgeting for each of the strategic business units and an agenda for achieving the budgeted key performance indicators of business performance. The services of internal audit are rendered by the most trust worthy and professional people adept at dealing with the challenges of confidentiality and information leakages to external sources whose unsolicited participation is strictly forbid  by means of non-disclosure agreement between us and the client firm.

To this extent ABS Consultants invests in staff, skills and systems for continuous quality improvements to serve the clients with utmost sincerity, integrity and accountability for a fully customized internal audit and corporate advisory experience to our esteemed clients. Our services have been tried by some of the industry leading companies of Tanzania. We are a completely customer centric firm and would love to explore ways to assist your business enterprise get a tighter grip on affairs of operational control, cost discipline and standard operating procedures. Engage with us today to let us know of the challenges that you are facing and we shall work towards a mutually agreeable agenda of growth.