Audit & Assurance

Our Services includes :-

 Project and Public Sector Audits
 Statutory Audits
 Special Purpose Audits
 Special Reviews and Investigations.

ABS Consultants is one of the leading audit firms Tanzania that offers the best audit and assurance services to clients for enhanced operational, financial and strategic control to streamline capital and revenue expenditure. The results are reflected in the sustainable growth curve of our clients. The Firm, being one of the certified and licensed audit firms Tanzania for audit and assurance services offers complete analysis of the client firm’s operations, production and finance functions along with advisory for aggressive cost control, and cost management measures. To this extent we offer a premise for higher technical and economic efficiency for the achievement of high return on investment for large scale business projects and maximization of shareholder value through growth in bottom line.

To this extent the audit firms Tanzania offers streamlined, reliable and completely focused assurance services to clients to enable them deal with unforeseen situations that emerge from volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Our assurance services are aimed at projecting likely future scenarios for different KPIs (key performance indicators) and metrics of costs, rate of returns for investments and a crystal clear risk management model to actively pursue risk mitigation and risk diversification. The key result area here is to prepare a comprehensive assessment of the underlying financial and operational risk factors and risk advisory in accordance with the same. Our people get in touch with people of the client firm to collect data, make assessments and reduce redundancies in business processes and align the functioning of departments with the corporate level management team for higher alignment of implementation with direction. Our customized assurance services enable client firms to pierce the mist on the screen for better strategic planning for the road ahead.

Our audit and assurance services are based on the business regulatory framework as per guidelines of the government bodies of Tanzania and the corporate objectives of the client firm. To this extent, ABS Consultants offer top of the line services of assurance through a team of best in industry talent pool who bring with themselves experience and expertise of having worked with the best in the industry. Over the years we have enabled clients from a plethora of verticals and especially in the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) space streamline their mechanisms and systems for better project monitoring, supervision and cost discipline. Moreover we have also created systems for easy and lucid procedures for upgrades to documentation of accounts and compliance protocols as necessitated from time to time by the changes in the legislative and legal framework of the government of Tanzania. In doing so our people help client firms navigate through the challenges of financial reporting, sustainability reporting and proactive avoidance of corporate frauds through fraud management.

We would love to explore opportunities to make your business a cutting edge futuristic enterprise. Engage with our people to help us serve your business.