Human Resource Services

Our Services includes :-

 Recruitment
 Payroll management and
 Job Analysis, evaluation and grading and
 Organization structure design and review

ABS Consultants  is one of the leading Human Resource (HR) services Provider  in Tanzania and offers best class HR services for the execution of key human resource functions like recruitment, staffing, outsourcing and payroll management. We have worked with client firms to offer them the best human resource management functions at affordable rates.. While we have built core competencies in the space of financial functions of taxation, accounting and reporting, auditing and corporate governance, we have steadily worked on building competencies in HR services especially with regard to offering end to end solutions for cost effective human resource management.?

Human resource management as a business function is subject to the rigors of staff inventory planning, salary and wage bill projection, compliance with legal and statutory norms and adherence to labor reforms. The execution of human resource management thus has to occur in an environment that has a high exposure to issues of technology, economic and technical efficiency and compliance.

The firm. therefore, provides highly customized services to its clients to address institutional challenges and resolve issues to enable them adhere to compliance to business regulatory norms, industry best practices and financial planning for payroll planning and management

In a world driven by international transmission of business cycles that enables companies reduce staff headcount and costs by outsourcing, payroll management calls for priority of the highest order. ABS Consultants, through its competence in handling matters of auditing and tax consulting services in Tanzania, administers HR services with clinical efficiency to enable companies focus on their top line, bottom line and share holder value maximization while leaving HR services management challenges to us. The firm has competent and experienced HR Management team and staff with the right attitude and right processes and technology to bring unparalleled professionalism to the job.

ABS Consultants enables its clients in Tanzania to reduce resource, time and effort engagement in payroll management while suggesting ways to reduce payroll costs and optimum allocation of financial resources for staffing. To this extent the company enables clients to synchronize payroll management with internal audit and tax compliance. ABS Consultants  envisages its role in HR services management within the framework of compliance and governance issues in Tanzania.

The firm executes all the functions that fall under the purview of payroll management. The list of functions that the company performs under the head of HR services management consists of but is not restricted to conducting employee background checks, selection and recruitment of staff, human resource intelligence and surveillance, employee attendance management, human resource process support and outsourcing, income verification, management reporting services, payroll processing, tax planning for employees, workers’ compensation plan management, payroll card management and performance linked pay management.

We are a customer centric firm and wish to hear from you on your HR services requirement. Get in touch with our people to find a solution to your HR services challenges today.